• Cracks forming in the clay surface of a dried pond bed.

    These Are The Benefits of Using Koi Clay: A Guide to Enhancing Koi Fish Health and Water Quality Maintenance

    If you’re wondering what koi clay is and why it’s used in fish ponds and water gardens, you’ve come to the right place! Koi clay is a natural product that has the potential to improve water quality and enhance the health of koi fish. Koi clay offers numerous benefits, including improved water clarity, reduction of…


  • koi with a thought bubble showing a fork and knife

    Do Koi Eat Other Fish? Find Out How to Safely Keep Koi with Different Species

    Do koi eat other fish? It’s a really important question when you’re thinking about adding these beautiful creatures to your backyard ponds or aquarium. Yes, koi can and do indeed eat other fish. Koi fish are omnivores, and they have a wide-ranging diet that includes both plants and animals. So while they may not intentionally…


  • A large group of Koi fish in a koi pond.

    How to Stop Koi Bullying: Techniques and Tips for a Peaceful Pond

    The thought of koi bullying in your pond will rightly cause concern for any Koi owner. But don’t worry, because there are techniques and tips that can help prevent aggressive behavior in your koi fish. So, how exactly can you stop koi bullying? First, you need to understand Koi behavior. All groups of Koi fish…


  • koi fish with a graphic of a chefs hat on its head

    Healthy Homemade Koi Food: Recipes and Guide To Make Fish Pellets At Home!

    How to make homemade koi fish food? If you’ve ever wondered about creating your own koi fish food, you’ve come to the right place! Koi fish, with their mesmerizing swirls of color and graceful dance through water, have captivated the hearts of many. But beyond the tranquil beauty they bring to any pond, lies the…


  • A brightly lit koi pond on a summer day full of koi of different sizes and breeds.

    Best Koi Pond Bottom Drains: Find the Perfect Debris Removal Solution

    Koi ponds are a serene and beautiful addition to any landscape, offering a tranquil space that captivates with its vibrant fish and clear waters. However, maintaining the pristine condition of a koi pond requires more than just regular feeding and occasional cleaning. One of the essential components that play a pivotal role in ensuring the…


  • group of fish with ich

    Complete Koi Ich Treatment Guide: Effective Treatment & Tips for Healthier Fish

    Ever noticed tiny white spots dotting your koi, making them look like they’ve been sprinkled with salt? That’s Ich, a pesky parasite that’s more than just a cosmetic issue. Commonly known as ‘white spot disease’, Ich can wreak havoc in freshwater aquariums. This microscopic menace invades the outer layer of fish, causing irritation, gill damage,…


  • koi fish of all colors and sizes swimming in a pond

    Here’s Why You Should Be Changing 10% Of Your Koi Pond’s Water Each Week – Koi Pond Water Change Guide

    Wondering how often you should change the water in your Koi pond? Look no further! Maintaining the pristine quality of water in a koi pond is crucial not only for the aesthetic appeal but, more importantly, for the health and well-being of the koi fish. That said, the frequency of water changes in a koi…