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51 Backyard Pond Ideas – Visual Inspiration For Your Next Garden Pond Project

Building your first backyard pond is a special thing, but it can sometimes be difficult to get started. It’s a daunting task, after all, that requires some background knowledge of water feature construction and how to maintain a balanced ecosystem. However, sometimes the hardest part is just figuring out what you want it to look like.

The main benefit of a garden pond is having something beautiful to look at, so visual inspiration is key. When I’m in the middle of planning a backyard pond I like to look at pictures of some of the most visually inspiring ponds I’ve come across. Below is a sample of 51 of the most beautiful ponds I’ve ever seen that will hopefully help you get started planning yours.

Once you’ve figured out what you want your backyard pond to look like, the actual nitty gritty planning process becomes a lot easier. You’ll know what kind of supplies you’ll need and be able to come up up with an approximate budget for the project. More importantly, you’ll also know what questions you need to ask a professional.

I’ve tried to provide examples of different kinds of ponds, from large public ponds to very small ponds that fit easily into the corner of a garden. Each one can hopefully provide a little bit of inspiration. Each pond I’ve built has been the result of the inspiration I’ve garnered from years of looking at all kinds of different ponds.

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1. A lit stone pond at night in front of several shady trees

Lights really add something special to any pond. It also lets you easily see the bottom for diagnostic purposes as a bonus.

2. A stone walkway across a crystal clear shallow pond

3. A deep stone edged pond fed by a multi-leveled waterfall.

4. A large koi pond with a split waterfall and large rocks at the bottom

5. A stone outcropping in the middle of a large koi pond.

6. A raised water garden with tall grass and floating plants in the shape of an old well

7. A huge pond that feeds into two smaller ponds.

8. A Terraced waterfall feeding into a stone pond flanked by stone steps

9. A small deep blue pond in the corner of a backyard surrounded by plants

10. A small circular koi pond at the bottom of a slope with a stone path to direct water runoff

11. A waterfall with a small pond pond between levels and landscaping between stones

12. A large Asian style duck pond with stone leading into the water

13. A large stoned slope directing water into a small circular pond

14. A tiny L shaped pond featuring a Dutch style windmill

This tiny little pond should be inspiring for everyone. Even the smallest bit of land can be converted into an elegant water feature.

15. An old well with pulley and bucket converted into a tiny deep blue pond

16. A huge waterwheel leading into an old agricultural style pond

17. Canopied islands with duck houses in the middle of a large pond

18. A large duck island in the middle of a medium sized public pond

19. A stone edged stream split by a small island made of rocks and a tree

20. A small waterfall made of flat stones leading into a pond full of aquatic plants

21. A small raised and winding waterfall leading into a shallow pond

22. A large pond with an overhead net to catch falling debris

23. A series of small ponds connected by waterfalls in the middle of a golf course

24. A huge rock formation rising out of a pond with a small waterfall streaming from the bottom

25. A modern and angular backyard pond made of various docks and pathways

26. An old pond on a slope with a large stone retainer wall

27. A large backyard pond twisting around grassy islands covered in shady trees

28. A Japanese style koi pond edged with bamboo stakes

29. A small, perfectly rectangle European style pond with an elegant bench

30. A large pond with a leaning tree providing protection from direct sunlight

31. Baskets of aquatics plants in a pond edged with a rustic stone wall

32. A small bench on short pier sticking out into a pond surrounded by tall grass

33. A deep pond behind a rustic stone retainer wall with a waterfall cascading over

34. Modern looking stone walkway in a square pond

35. A sloped canal stemming from a brick lined pond with waterfall

36. Small circle pond edged with bricks and covered in aquatic plants

37. Cannopied sitting area next to a small fish pond with lots of plants

38. A fountain spilling over onto multiple stages of rock into a pond

39. A long stone canal flowing over a ledge and into a pond

40. A waterfall under a pridge flowing into a winding koi pond

41. A steep cliff with multiple small waterfalls

42. A waterfall flowing down into a deep stone pond

43. A dramatic waterfall flowing into a natural pond

44. A shallow koi pond with a small waterfall

45. Plush chairs next to a koi pond with a small island in the middle

46. A koi pond with a large flat slab of rock in the middle for sitting

47. A three tiered fountain flowing into a small pond with a potted cactus

48. Stone encircled backyard pond with a waterfall

49. A miniature pond with a small fountain in the middle

50. A waterfall flowing into a shallow garden pond

51. A pond surrounded by tall grasses covered in lilly pads

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How Deep Should A Backyard Pond Be?

In general, backyard ponds should be at least 2 feet deep to avoid getting too warm under direct sun. Pond water that is too warm is more likely to experience algae overgrowth. If you live in a colder climate, consider 3-4 feet to compensate for the top layer freezing in winter. Proper depth is especially important if you plan on keeping fish in your pond.

Are Backyard Ponds Hard To Maintain?

All backyard and garden ponds require cleaning but a properly planned and built pond only needs minimal regular maintenance. If you can manage a few minutes of skimming with a net per day, your pond will stay clear and not need to be drained and scrubbed at the end of the year.

How Do I Keep A Small Pond In My Backyard?

Even the smallest piece of land can sustain a small backyard pond. All you need to do is level a ditch, line it with pond liner and fill it with rocks, plants and fish to your liking. But don’t hesitate to consult a professional if you’re unsure where to begin to avoid doing damage to your property.

How Can I Make My Pond Look Nice?

Making your backyard pond look nice is largely a subjective matter, but the most important part of a nice looking pond is clean water. To keep your pond looking nice, clear it of fallen debris like leaves and twigs regularly, don’t overfeed your fish and add plenty of plants to prevent algae growth.

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